Annie B's Creole cooking

Hey,  I’m Adrienne Brown, and I’m so happy you’re here! Some of my happiest memories in life are from the times I spent cooking with my grandmother. She taught me how to put my heart into my food. She couldn’t just throw something together, It had to be perfect! with the recipes that I share with you,  I will attempt to copy my grandmother’s spirit and creole traditions.

Creole Heritage

Although my grandmother migrated from  Louisiana years before I was born, her Creole heritage never left her, especially when it came to her cooking.

I chose the name Annie B’s Creole Cuisine because I felt as if I were at a banquet whenever I ate a meal that she put together. My grandmother made every holiday super special. She often talked about her younger days growing up in Shreveport, Louisiana.

From the herbs that she used to the seasoning that she mixed together, all came from what she learned from her mother.  If you walked into her kitchen during the holidays you would find bunches of parsley, green onion, celery, garlic and green bell pepper.

The most important 3 vegetables

In every main dish, my grandmother taught me to use celery, onion and garlic. These 3 vegetables will make any dish taste and smell like you are cooking a feast everyday!

I have been cooking the way my grandmother taught me for over 42 years. I work hard to recreate all of her best dishes, with a slight update to them.

Like when I need to saute vegetables I use olive oil. When I cook her famous gumbo, I leave out the oysters. Oh, she would be irritated to hear me say that. 

And every year I prepare her famous rice dressing but I don’t add the traditional turkey gizzards as she did. Yet, it is still my families favorite holiday dish.

My cooking has a modern twist

Although I cook with my grandmother’s creole flare I am very much health-oriented.  I prepare a lot of vegetarian dishes with fresh herbs and vegetables from my own garden. Many of my main dishes are popping with lots of fresh scrumptious vegetables. 

On my site you will find all kinds of dishes to please you and your family, I promise. Having 8 kids I love to cook and make them happy with my food. The way my food disappears I think that they are satisfied!

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Annie B's cooking