Black Beans & Rice

black beans
Yields: 1 Serving Prep Time: 10 Mins Cook Time: 40 Mins Total Time: 50 Mins

Black beans and rice are tasty &

so good for you!

Black beans are not only healthy they are vegetarian, even with rice. Now I am not a vegetarian, but my family do crave just vegetables sometimes. This dish fits the bill!

I love to serve these over brown rice, it just looks so pretty and is super nutritional. These beans provide so much protein that I do not use any meat at all in them, my family never complains.fresh black beans

This Black beans and Rice recipe is cooked to a perfect creaminess, oh don’t forget to spice them up with hot sauce and or jalapeno pepper! We love them both.

Wondering what to serve with them?

Herb oven grilled chicken will complement these black beans and rice well. Just get some jerk chicken seasoning, sprinkle your clean chicken with olive oil and the seasoning. Grill uncovered in the oven until done and crisp.

Don’t forget a nice cilantro based salad! Yum. Black beans and rice is a dish that we could eat every day, since we cook them with no meat, a very little salt and many fresh herbs and tomatoes.Black beans green onion You will love the different flavors mixing in your mouth.

I grew up on beans and rice!

Black beans and rice are true comfort food and because they are so filling you don’t need a lot. You are getting a lot of fiber from these black beans and rice, which is excellent for the waistline! Because we were not rich, my grandmother served us some kind of bean almost every day, yet we were lean, healthy and strong.

Although these amazing vegetarian black beans were not a staple on my grandmother’s table, I discovered them while trying to provide nutritional food for the army of men that I cook for every day. Some nights I would include a pan of sweet cornbread or freshly cooked pita bread, my family loves it.  Try cooking these and see that you won’t add them to your regular menu!


Please let me know if you make these delicious beans, and I would love it if you leave me a star rating!

Thank you!




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  • First, pick your beans. This means, putting them on a plain white plate, this will make it easier to sift as you remove any twigs or rocks. Beans are a naturally harvested product!
  • Place beans in a large pot of water, put in dry seasonings, bring to a rolling boil. Turn down to medium, cook until beans are nearly done.
  • Test for softness, if beans are soft enough for your taste, add all of the freshly chopped vegetables, except half of the cilantro & fresh tomato. Cook for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, put in canned fire-roasted tomatoes. cook for 5 more minutes.
  • Serve creamy hot black beans over rice, top with fresh tomatoes and fresh cilantro! Yum,yum, yum!!!

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